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Video Avatars

Add a human-like avatar to your videos to provide viewers with a more personalized experience that keeps them engaged longer and makes your videos stand out.

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Diverse Narrators

Choose from a variety of narrator voices that sound like professional voice actors to bring personality and character to your videos.

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Prompt to Script

Provide a short prompt and sit back as we auto-generate a high-quality video script that brings your vision to life.

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Text to Video

Easily transform text into stunning, engaging videos. Just enter the text you want to convert, and begin the video creation process.

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URL to Video

Effortlessly convert articles into videos by simply providing the URL, and witness the magic of your content transforming into an engaging video.

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Voice Cloning

Use our advanced AI to capture your vocal patterns and have a perfectly replicated version of your voice to use in your video creations.

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Simple Interface

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Pick a Creation Method

Simply paste a URL, any text, or generate an AI script.

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Customize & Edit

Use as is, or customize any detail. Instantly automate with narration, stock media selection, AI media creation and more.

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Publish & Share

Share your newly made video on our all your media platforms to increase engagement and reach a larger audience. Showcase your creativity you made in seconds!


Creators have saved 39,150 minutes creating videos with Flickify

Video creation is no longer a daunting task that requires complex editing software or videographer skills. Flickify customers are making engaging, professional videos faster than ever before!

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Your Next Video Needs Flickify

Save yourself time, effort, and money and experience the difference Flickify provides for converting and creating your ideas into quality videos.


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Source: Wyzowl Video Statistics

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I use Flickify to convert small & long articles into videos. For example, I adapted a page of 6,247 words into a short script, and Flickify created a beautiful video for me. The video keeps all the essentials, while allowing my page to keep the details. I'm aiming to convert all my blog posts into videos with Flickify so users can read or watch & listen to my content. Thanks to Flickify, my users get information in the best way for them, whether visual or auditory.

Daniel Faria, Website Owner

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This tool will be a game-changer for many who want a video added to their post content, but are worried about adding their face or recording their voice.

Take your content and flip it into an interactive video to help rank your content even better and present your visitors with the content style they choose to interact with!

Josh Koop, Niche University Publisher