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We’ve got you covered. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions:
What is Flickify?
Flickify is a video creation platform designed to create high-quality videos quickly and easily. With numerous customization options, you can transform your content into media that consumers cannot get enough of — videos! From AI-powered creation options, to advanced features such as script & image generation, avatars, voice cloning, and more, Flickify will make anyone feel like a professional video designer.
Why should I use Flickify?
Flickify bridges the gap to offer a high-quality video production interface that allows content creators and website owners to explore new video opportunities with advanced capabilities. Flickify is the perfect platform to create engaging videos quickly and easily. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and leverage the power of AI to generate, enhance and add value to your content without any additional effort. Flickify has a library full of options to create customized videos that not only look professionally-designed, but will make your videos stand out in your niche.

Adding high-quality video to your offered content can increase revenue potential and build a better connection with visitors, keeping them seeking more and more. Using Flickify makes creating videos quick and painless to promote your business and have stunning media content.
What do I need to create a video?
You can come as prepared or unprepared as you’d like. With several creation options to choose from, you are in control of how you begin making a Flickify video. Whether you are using an existing published article URL, a voiceover audio file, copying over a draft you’ve already started, or beginning from scratch, we’ve got you covered. Or, utilize the AI-powered script generator by typing a simple prompt and allow our AI to generate your narration for you.

The rest of the customizations (narrator voice, background theme, music soundtrack, etc.) will be available from your editor dashboard.
Can I use my own voice?
Yes, upload a pre-recorded audio file to be your own narrator of your video.
Do I have to use an avatar?
No, all features are optional and can be customized based on your preferences.
Can I preview the video without finalizing?
At any time during the editing process, you can click “Preview” in the top right corner to see a rough version of how your video looks. We use the word “rough” because the preview lacks transitions, animations, talking avatars, and other visual effects that are only available once the video has been rendered.

To return to editing, click the ‘x’ in the top right corner to exit the previewer.
How do I complete the creation process?
Once you have made all the desired edits, click on “Render My Video” to continue with the publishing process. You must render the video in order to use the video.

Any edits after rendering will count against your allotted videos per month.
How long does it take a video take to render?
It can take up to 5–10 minutes to generate the animations, styles and other visual effects. This fluctuates depending on the length of your video. Longer videos can take longer to render.You will have the option to receive an email notification once the video is done rendering.
Where do I go to find my created videos?
From your Flickify dashboard, click on “Manage Videos” to see a table of all of your videos in various statuses: draft, rendering, rendered, downloaded.
I created a Flickify video, what are rights?
If using the one free video, you will be able to share the video to social platforms with the Flickify watermark.

If using your subscription plan quota, the videos are yours to download, share, and use for commercial purposes.
Why does Flickify require a subscription plan?
AI video generation requires specialized computing which is expensive. For this reason, Flickify limits the rendering of videos to be a paid feature.
Is there a free trial available?
We offer three free video credits for all new account signups.
Can I change my subscription plan later?
Yes. From your plan menu, you will see your current plan and available alternative plans. You must confirm the action to change plans which will take effect immediately and be reflected on your next billing invoice.
Can I purchase a plan that has more than 500 videos?
Yes, our Enterprise Plan is available upon request. Please email us at adam@flickify.com
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things change. You can cancel your subscription at any time which will take effect at the end of your selected term (e.g. monthly, annually).
Can I get an invoice for my payment?
Yes, you can download a receipt of your subscription payments from your payment portal.
How can I submit feedback?
We encourage our users to send us their feedback so that we can continue to improve and grow the product provided.

Please submit your responses via this form: Flickify Submit Feedback Form

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